The List of Imesi-Ekiti Development Associations Home & Abroad

The apex development association is Imesi Development Association (IDA).
The other associations are;
  • Imesi Progressive union (IPU) Local unit)
  • Imesi Progressive union (IPU) (Diaspora Unit).
  • Club 78
  • Ojugbaye club
  • Concerned Imesi Indigenes
  • Patriotic Imesi Indigenes
  • Imesi-Ekiti Peoples forum.
  • Federation of Imesi Students’ Union
AJỌ ORIRI: In ancient tradition of Imesi exists a powerful cult-like caucus called AJỌ ORIRI. It was a disciplinary organ. Membership is made up of all the High Chiefs. It was so powerful that Onimesi serve as the Ọlọjua (but usually assisted by Chief Oore). Ajọ Oriri went into extinction with the fire accident which ravaged Idọṣẹrẹ in 1938; destroying all the materials and paraphernalia of the performance of the cult activities.