Headed by Onimesi

Six (6) High Chiefs called IWARAFA
Heads the six Quarters in Imesi
  1. The Kolaye – Ijumu Quarter
  2. Odofin – Idogun Quarter
  3. Balogbo – Ilogbo Quarter
  4. Emila – Oke ode
  5. Osigun – Isigun
  6. Ofoji – Idosere

List of Imesi Kingmakers

  1. High Chief Kolaye
  2. High Chief Odofin Idogun
  3. High Chief Balogbo
  4. High Chief Emila
  5. High Chief Osigun
  6. High Chief Ofoji
  7. Chief Oore

All the six High Chiefs have equal power and authority (no high Chief is superior to another high chief), but the Kolaye is respected as the second in command to the Oba. He is seen as Primus-Interpares) i.e First Among equals.

These 6 Chiefs are the advisory council to the Oba.

These are followed by other 5 chiefs called Erunsin, headed by (1) Chief Ojisun from Idosere Quarter.

Others are
  1. Aro – Ijumu
  2. Eminowa – Aafin(Eniola)
  3. Olojarun – Idogun
  4. Ọrunla – Isigun

After the Erunsin are the other important traditional Chiefs referred to as Edibos. All the Chiefs altogether is referred to as Onimesi in council.

Three chiefs among the Edibos are chosen/known as the Olojuas

  1. Oore (Head)
  2. Odofin Ilogbo
  3. Odofin leri

There are other honorary chiefs made-up of important personalities, both within and outside the town to assist on the development of the town.


The women chiefs are Headed by Iyalobirin and assisted by:
  1. Agbaajo
  2. Ajero
  3. Akuajo
  4. Iyalaje

Next important institution is the Elegbes made up of people who have graduated from the Gbamo and who had performed the traditional graduation ceremony called Iro (riro)

It is headed by chief Elejofi from Idogun, assisted by Elesa from Idosere quarters and followed by Eleosare from Ijumu.

These are the head of the age groups in the town.

Gbamos (Egbeguns): They are the rare traditional warriors who defended the town on the times of war. Headed by the Olotu Egbegun. They don’t only defend the town but called out by the Oba for communal work, in the palace and to punish offenders. They executed expulsion order given by the Oba.

Egiri: Headed by Olotu-Egiri. They also assist the gbamos just as they are in the waiting to take over from the Gbamos.

(The gbamos are to serve for 9 years).

Ojewere: Headed by Olotu-Ojewere, before becoming a chief you must have passed through all these stages.

But if for peculiar circumstances a young man is appointed to be chief you must pass through all the stages for proper ruling of the town. All the institutions must function and work together