The Imesi–Ekiti Oba-in-Council is headed by HRM Oba Olatunji Olatunde, Olaibiyemi II.  The king is supported by Iwarafas, 6 in numbers.  They are:

  1. High Chief Kolaye – Head of Ijumu Quarters and second in command to the Kabiyesi.
  2. High Chief Odofin – Head of Idogun Quarters
  3. High Chief Balogbo – Head of Ilogbo Quarters
  4. High Chief Emila – Head of Oke-Ode Quarters
  5. High Chief Onisigun – Head of Isigun Quarters
  6. High Chief Ofoji – Head of Idosere Quarters

The next in rank to the Iwarafas are the Erunsins.  They are five in number.

  • Chief Ojisun – From Idosere Quarters.
  • Chief Orunla – From Isigun Quarters
  • Chief Aro – From Ijumu Quarters
  • Chief Odofin – From Ilogbo Quarters
  • Chief Olojarun – From Idogun Quarters.

The Erunsins are followed by the Edibos; headed by Asemọ

These groups of Chiefs are spread over all the quarters.  All honorary Chiefs are also under this group.

The Edibos are followed by the Elegbes. The Elegbes are granduant of Gbamọ after performing Iro.

These group are spread all over the quarters.  They are the junior Chiefs.

Traditionally, Imesi-Ekiti is divided into three Ooguns; Namely

  1. Oogun Otun. The quarters under oogun otun are (a) Ijumu–Quarters (b) Oke–Ode.
  2. Oogun Ona; The quarters under oogun ona are:
  • Idogun Quarters (b) Isigun Quarters
    • Oogun Osi – The quarters under oogun osi are:
  • Ilogbo quarters (b) Idosere quarters.

The headships of the various categories of Chiefs have their origin from the ooguns.

The headships are as follows;

  • Iwafara Head – Kolaye from Oogun Otun.
  • Erunsin Head – Ojisun from Oogun Osi.
  • Edibo – Head – Asemo from Oogun Ona
  • Elegbe – Head – Elejofi from Oogun ona
  • Head – Elesa from Oogun Osi
  • Head – Eleosare from Oogun Otun

The Olojuas’ (Chief Servant) are as follows.

  • Iwarafa – Oore
  • Erusin – Odofin Ilogbo
  • Edibo – Odofin Ieri.